[Gegl-developer] ocl regression


I noticed two tests (clones.xml, gegl.xml) regressed on both intel ocl
sdk and mesa/clover. bisect shows the first bad commit to be:
sampler: make size of cache in sampler base class adaptive

both tests fail in one pixel:
  wrong pixels   : 1/196608 (0.00%)
  max ?e         : 62.833
  avg ?e (wrong) : 62.833(wrong) 0.000(total)
FAIL clones.xml (OpenCL)

  wrong pixels   : 1/79000 (0.00%)
  max ?e         : 100.000
  avg ?e (wrong) : 100.000(wrong) 0.001(total)
FAIL gegl.xml (OpenCL)

Jan Vesely <jan vesely rutgers edu>

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