Re: [gedit-list] gtide - gedit to IDEs (and beyond)

On Tue, Mar 29, 2016 at 10:17:31PM +0200, Ignacio Casal Quinteiro wrote:
Haven't read all the backlog here, but wouldn't we invest our time in a
better way if we
try to i.e share in a better way some parts of gedit by putting them in
instead of making once again another library with all the overhead that it

Some things that I can think about is snippets which is implemented in
gedit and in builder.
We could take builder's implementation as a starting point and add any
missing feature
from gedit's one.

Another interesting thing is the indentation stuff which currently is also
implemented in
gedit-code-assistance and in builder.

And I am pretty sure there are other things out there that we could move
down the stack.

Yes, there are still several features that could be moved down to
GtkSourceView. But I'm more interested to make the MDI of gedit

For gCSVedit for example, I'm not interested by the snippets system and
smart indentation. I'm interested to be able to open several files in
different tabs, have a search and replace UI, have the equivalent of
GeditTab to show an infobar when there is a file loading or saving
error, etc.


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