Re: [gedit-list] Bottom Panel in small screens

2014-03-02 2:47 GMT+01:00 GustavoAraújo <gustavoaraujo07 yahoo com br>:
Hello guys, I love Gedit... and using it on full screen mode is Awesome, but there is one thing that makes me crazy...when I use an external command to compile my code, I always have to use Ctrl + F9 to hide the bottom panel...I know it's a small issue, but would be nice to see it auto hide when I go back to write my code or wait for 5 seconds to to that...

This has been driving me a bit crazy also, although not only in full screen mode. I've recently started to use external tools a bit more and it's annoying to have to close the panel all the time. I kind of like the way Xcode or Xamarin studio on OS X do this kind of thing (much less intrusive). We could make room in either the status bar or even better, the header bar for plugins to report progress/status of running tasks. Anyway, maybe you can file a bug report at for this?


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