Re: [gedit-list] shutdown without saving but auto-safe was active - is there a file somewhere?

Hi Merlin,

Unfortunately autosave currently only works for files that were already saved at least once :( This is a known issue with gedit and is reported/tracked at:


2014-02-26 13:56 GMT+01:00 Merlin Wolf <m merlinwolf de>:
Hi Folks,

i am using gedit 2.30.3

Today my computer shut off hard because of empty battery, instead of suspend to disk. Auto save was switch on with value every 1 Minute. But i didnt save the files once, they were still "unnamed". Will i find those files somewhere?

I tried
find -type f -mtime -1
but either the wanted files are not listed or i missed the relevant file-name.

Thanks in advance,
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