[gedit-list] gedit UI theme (gtk)


I'm on Debian Sid with gedit 3.2.3 and no gnome-session. Apparently there are some gnome3 applications and libraries (see attached excerpt of installed packages).

My desktop is a little bit bizarre WndowMaker, and the point is, since gnome seem to have ditched any custom theming besides the default Adwaita, i don't see much reason to keep gnome-settings-daemon (gsd) running at all. 

Anyway, even with gsd running, gedit does not look like the other GTK apps i use (Gimp, Firefox, Claws, gnome-comander, gnome-alsa-mixer and many more). Rather ugly except for the icons. But without gsd, it's even worse, just a grey default with tiny fonts. I like to stress the point that w/o gsd running, any other GTK apps still seem to use Adwaita, andlook fine.

Does gedit obey some gtkrc ? I would not know how to create entries there, though. I don't even know which app is on gtk3 and which still uses gtk2, and what's the difference in terms of a gtkrc.

I have 2 questions:

(1) How can i customize the UI fontsize without gsd ? 

(2) How can i customize the UI colors ?

Many thnaks in advance !


libc6	2.13-21
libgnome-desktop-3-0	3.0.2-2
libgnome-keyring-common	3.2.2-1
libgnome-keyring-dev	3.2.2-1
libgnome-keyring0	3.2.2-1
libgnome2-0	2.32.1-2
libgnome2-common	2.32.1-2
libgnome2-dev	2.32.1-2
libgnomecanvas2-0	2.30.3-1
libgnomecanvas2-common	2.30.3-1
libgnomecanvas2-dev	2.30.3-1
libgnomekbd-common	3.2.0-1
libgnomekbd7	3.2.0-1
libgnomeui-0	2.24.5-2
libgnomeui-common	2.24.5-2
libgnomeui-dev	2.24.5-2
libgnomevfs2-0	1:2.24.4-1
libgnomevfs2-common	1:2.24.4-1
libgnomevfs2-dev	1:2.24.4-1
libgtk2-perl	2:1.223-1+b2
libgtk2-ruby	1.0.3-1
libgtk2.0-0	2.24.8-2
libgtk2.0-bin	2.24.8-2
libgtk2.0-common	2.24.8-2
libgtk2.0-dev	2.24.8-2
python-gtk2	2.24.0-2
ruby-gtk2	1.0.3-1
libcanberra-gtk3-0	0.28-3
libseed-gtk3-0	3.2.0-1
libgtk-3-0	3.2.2-2
libgtk-3-bin	3.2.2-2
libgtk-3-common	3.2.2-2

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