[gedit-list] New Language-spec for VHDL-2008

Hi all,
I just thought we should update the VHDL language spec to reflect latest changes in VHDL-2008.
I'm not sure if we should have separate language specs for different revisions of the language (for example, VHDL-93, VHDL-2002, and VHDL-2008), or we should just maintain one spec file for one language, i.e. just have a single vhdl.lang (or *.lang) file that reflects the latest revision of the language.

I'm thinking this is best, means we always include the latest language spec in the latest gedit revision, but if users with to use an older language spec, he/she can always download / install a previous version of the *.lang file into /usr/share/gtksourceview-2.0/language-specs/.

Anyway, attached is a version of vhdl.lang with block commenting support for VHDL-2008. It also includes other VHDL extensions like VHT, VHO (used for VHDL netlists). It doesn't include any other new feature of VHDL-2008 though, I'll leave that to anybody who is interested.

regards, daniel

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