Re: [gedit-list] MySQL keyword Request from the user

Adrian Woźniak a écrit le 2011-05-11 18:30 :
> As I am doing at the moment the software based on MySQL database, and to
> edit the file with the sql script I used gedit and found big gaps in
> your keywords. Completed by as far as I could, and a new file called, to
> distinguish mysql.lang. I would ask him to add a basic set of files
> containing the definitions of languages​​. I changed the comment
> character to #, because this is the correct designation of the comment
> in MySQL, and not like in sql - or / * * /.

Hi Adrian,

The best way to make suggestions is to file a bug report for
gtksourceview there:

You can choose "Syntax files" as component and attach to the report your
new file or your patches.



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