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I'm a french student in the Angers' University in computer science.
I don't speak English very well. Sorry !!!!
I'm used to working with Gedit to develop little software for my lesson.
I wish to contribute in your software, which is a good tool.
So, I have develop plugin for Gedit which call ExecuteScript.
This plugin ask a question at the first save (or if the document is save as), if the file start with "#!",i.e. if the file is a script:
    "Would you like to make this script executable?"
or in french:
    "Voulez-vous rendre ce script exécutable?"
And if the answer is YES, the plugin make the file executable.

The dialog is modal, because it's an important question which user must answer immediately to avoid side effect.

At my plugin's activation, it change signal "FileSave" and "FileSaveAs", disconnect CALLBACK function "_gedit_cmd_file_save" and "_gedit_cmd_file_save_as", which are replace by my CALLBACK function "_my_gedit_cmd_file_save" and "_my_gedit_cmd_file_save_as".

At my plugin's desactivation, it change signal "FileSave" and "FileSaveAs", disconnect my CALLBACK function and reconnect the Gedit CALLACK function.

To conclude, I think my plugin should be included in gedit-plugins because it facilitate developer work and it hasn't complex configuration box, so it's the Gedit's aim.

I look forward to your reply,
Best Regards
Romain MARS.

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