Re: [gedit-list] GEdit 2.30 Auto Indentation Behaviour Change?

Ah I see, Well I've downgraded gedit, gtksourceview2 (which is where the change seems to be made) and pygtksourceview2. I can only hope a configuration option arrives before I am forced to upgrade those packages. I love gedit but I don't want to have to fight it as DerekVeit says. 

On Sat, Apr 3, 2010 at 6:53 AM, Jesse van den Kieboom <jessevdk gnome org> wrote:
On 03-04-10 08:27, Dan Saul wrote:

I am running GEdit 2.30 on ArchLinux, with "Enable automatic indentation" enabled. Since the update, when i create a newline (#1) it indents properly, however if I then create another newline (#2), the preceding line (#1) does not have any indentation at all. The side effect of this is that when I go up to that line I have to re-indent it manually.

There has indeed been an intentional change in this behavior. This new behavior is more consistent with other editors, and also makes more sense because you avoid trailing whitespaces in files.

Is there any workaround to restore the previous behaviour?
At this moment there is no workaround to disable this (other than disabling autoindent altogether, but that's not really a workaround)


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