Re: [gedit-list] please apply line:column patch, #168769

Op vrijdag 05-06-2009 om 16:42 uur [tijdzone +0200], schreef Jan


> I'd like to draw your attention to #168769.  Can someone
> please review and apply the new version of my line:column 
> patch?

I've revised this patch again and added it to the bug*.  This is
now my third revision of [a once trivial**] +line:column patch.

As requested by pbor, instead of adding a column parameter, implement
the LINE:COLUMN functionality by adding a whole set of _LINE_COLUMN
suffixed functions.

I very much hope that after almost 5 years after the first initation
of this patch, no less than 10 years after column specifiers were
added to GNU coding standard error message specifications, Gedit
will start supporting them too.  Everything for our [LilyPond]
users, right? ;-)


*) I wonder why I bother, is the Gedit bugzilla being directed into

**) -- 338 lines -- 815 lines -- 1386 lines

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