[gedit-list] Only 1 user cannot run gedit



We are running gedit-2.8.1-4 on RedHat WS rel 4 update 5.  We have one user who started having an issue running gedit.  Whenever he runs it from the command line, he gets the following warnings:


** (gedit:2249): WARNING **: URI NOT LOADED


** (gedit:2249): WARNING **: URI NOT LOADED


** (gedit:2249): WARNING **: URI NOT LOADED


He will get 3 of these messages if gedit is run without a filename, and 4 if a filename is specified.  Either way, he will get the message “The application “gedit” has quit unexpectedly.”  The user cannot run gedit on any of our Linux workstations, but all other users do not have a problem, so I’m guessing it must be something in his home directory.  I have tried to rename the directories .gconf .gconfd and .gnome but none have made a difference.


Are there any other files created by gedit for the user that I can clear?  My next step may be to create a new home directory entirely, but I’d rather not do that if necessary.



Thanks for any suggestions.








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