[gedit-list] ^M character display

For the reasons below, I believe it would be helpful if I could display control characters when working with GEDIT. I have no idea of the scope of the effort to provide a plug-in to do this but I suspect others would find it useful. Regardless, I do appreciate your product and efforts to date.





As a unix weenie, I get bit a lot by the arcane details of the OS. I suspect a lot of novice users do too. The last couple of days I’ve had trouble getting a script to run. The terminal returned the error message “Command not found” even when all of the commands in the file were commented out. The problem turned out to be the linefeed sequence \n\r (^M character). I’m a little wiser now, but I doubt I’ll remember the solution 2-3 years from now if I run in to it again as I’m an infrequent user. Once a friend helped find the error using cat –v filename, it was easy to strip the \r using GEDIT’s search and replace function.

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