[gedit-list] Gsc issues

Hi all,

	I find some bugs in gsc integration:

1.- When I change the current page, the first item must be selected
(IMO, if you have changed the page, you are searching for something and
you will select an item or press esc to hide the popup if you don't see
what you want). 

2.- If you run test-completion and press <control>space, if you press
down, the selection is lost (or it is out of the visible scroll). I
think the item with the selection must be always visible.

3.- If you change the page with the devhelp items to the Open files
page, you can see how the previous items are deleted.

4.- When you press <control>space the first time, in the page label you
can see [All] but you should see [All] (1/4) because there are 4 pages
and, if you don't show the (1/4), the user doesn't know there are more

I have tried to add a bug in bugzilla but I don't know to add a bug to
this branch.


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