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At 12:13 +0200 4/19/09, Steve Frécinaux wrote:
Doug McNutt wrote:

 The problem is wider than that.  On ubuntu 8 and gedit 2.24 I have
never been able to save a document in my home directory while
including the backup version with the ~ character at the end.
Subdirectories of $HOME work fine.

Are you saying that it works if you uncheck the "make a backup file"
checkbox but doesn't if you let it checked ?

With the button unchecked there is no error message but there is also
no saved $HOME/ScratchPad~ file. A save simply overwrites
$HOME/ScratchPad without complaint.

I keep the button checked because I like the auto save operation
which works fine in every other folder but $HOME.

If I create $HOME/ScratchPad~ using a touch command there is no
complaint and the empty file appears. If I then reopen
$HOME/ScratchPad I get the error message when I try to save.

I click OK save anyway and . . .

My previously created ScratchPad~ disappears!! It's not overwritten.
It is simply removed.

The behavior is fully reproducible and has been around for quite a
while. I have seen no other failures except for the $HOME directory.

<>  is a piece of
perl drivel that I use to create backups when I want them. It works
fine when the target is my $HOME directory and it does nothing
special to handle strange preferences.

I did once experiment with LinuxSE but I'm as sure as I can be that
all elements of that have been removed.

---->  This from a while ago:

At 12:33 -0700 11/7/08, Doug McNutt wrote:
Message-Id: <p05100300c53a428d7bb4 [192 168 1 14]>

Ubuntu Ibex, uname 2.6.27, Ubuntu version number unknown.

ref 9 May 2007 posting by  Skwar before I arrived on the scene.

An error message comes up and paraphrased:  "Can't save a backup
(with a tilde on the end). Do you want to continue without it?"

It happens only on files which are in the root of my home directory
though Skwar's complaint referred to a file on a network server. It
appears that he was never answered.

If I move the file into $HOME/Documents/ or some other subdirectory
all is normal.

The problem seems to have shown up when the system was upgraded from
Hardy Heron a week or so ago. The same file "ScratchPad" has been in
use for a long time. Any existing "ScratchPad~" disappears even if I
deliberately create one with a cp before opening the original in

Permissions are all read, write, and execute-if-directory all appear
OK to me. They're all owned by me anyway. I usually use a command
line like "gedit ScratchPad" rather than a file browser GUI to open

Is it bug report material? If so is it gedit, gnome, or Ubuntu?


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