[gedit-list] Completion issues

Hi all,

	First all, nice job with the gtksourcecompletion integration!!! I have
looked the changes and I did some noob things :). Some considerations:

	In the last gtksourcecompletion we don't have the get_trigger,
get_provider and add_trigger. I think we need the get_provider and
get_trigger because if we cannot get the registered providers/triggers,
all the plugins will need to store a relation between
Completion/trigger/provider.Think in the words completion plugin. Gedit
has multiples gtksourceview and multiple completion. If I want to add a
provider by view I must to store the relation of view/completion and
triggers/providers. This relation is in gtksourcecompletion, we can
share it and the plugins will not need store the same information again.

Please, take a look at:


	Currently I cannot implement that code without store the
completion/providers/triggers again in the plugin code.

	The add_trigger function was inserted because I had problems by sharing
the triggers between different gedit plugins. I think these problems
will come back. We could solve it with singleton triggers but if plugin
1 has registered the trigger, how plugin2 will know if the trigger has
been registered/created/configured etc? I the trigger code, I suppose.

Thanks all for your work!

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