[gedit-list] Completion

Hi all,

With the new changes Do we need the add_provider and the
remove_provider? Currently there are no reasons to register providers,
only passing them on the gtk_source_completion_popup function is enough.
The only reason for that function is store the auto_providers, the
providers list is not used (only for check if the provider is registered
when popup function is called but it is not necessary).

Sincerely, I don't like very much the changes. Currently the completion
decides that all proposals go to the "All" page. Why the completion
decides that? I don't like to have all proposals in the "All" page, I
want only my two pages with their proposals. I think the user (plugins
or application) must configure an "All" page if he wants that feature. 

I remember again we will need to show proposals in the same event from
different plugins. Currently I have four plugins for gedit using

1.- Document words completion - With three providers: words completion,
Open Documents Completion, Recent Documents Completion
2.- Snippets completion (Symbol completion and symbol goto)
3.- Symbols completion 
4.- Universe commands completion

If I like to show 1, 2, 3 y 4 in the same <control>space event, I cannot
do it. I will need 4 keybindings (and other for open/recent documents
provider) or create an unique plugin managing all providers (a lot of
unnecessary dependencies). We will find these problems in a near future.

If you don't like the trigger/proposal registration, another way of
implement the completion is using the "population" technique like the
popup menu or something like that. It is only an idea because the
provider is losing the sense slowly.

That is only my opinion, you can do what you want, of course :)


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