Re: [gedit-list] Help customizing gEdit! (shortkeys, icon, etc.)

1 -

2 - Doesn't it save the folder when closing gedit?

3 - I think this is not possible, but I am not so sure.

mig_akira wrote:
> Hey everyone!
> I'm using gEdit with a few plugins, and I'm really astonished by it's
> power and simplicity. It's my default IDE now.
> But I need help with a few things:
> 1 - Customizing shortkeys. I want to navigate through the tabs using CTRL
> + Right ou CTRL + left. Using PgUP our PgDown is annoying, because in my
> notebook they're not in a familiar place! Customizing gedit would also be
> useful for other things.
> 2 - Choose a default folder in File Browser. Since I'm placing all my web
> files in /var/www, I would like to make it the default folder, so I won't
> have to navigate through other folders to get there (as it is, my home
> folder is the default).
> 3 - Change the icon of gedit. It's not important in any way, but it kind
> of annoys me that it's icon is a boring notepad. I would like to use the
> Mac's CODA icon, which I think is beautiful, and I could show people and
> then say "You know, its actually gEdit. Impressive, huh?" =). I can change
> the shortcut icon and all, but i cant change the little icon in the top
> left of the application. How can I do that?
> That's it!
> Thanks for your help!

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