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I totally agree, I think that what is really needed is something programmable that you can call to add completion or tooltip whenever and wherever you want and with the message produced dynamically of course.

2008/11/6 Johannes Schmid <jhs jsschmid de>

What would be really useful to me is a common infrastructure in
gtksourceview to allow showing completions and calltips. I am not much
interested in providers itself because they mostly depend on the use of
the editor and are not really useful to anjuta (we have the ctags thing
and will have the devhelp thing soon, so we simply don't need it and I
don't think there is a reason to implement it again).


Am Donnerstag, den 06.11.2008, 10:14 +0100 schrieb Perriman:
> Hi all,
> I'm developing GtkSourceCompletion (Gsc)
> ( and I want to do a survey.
> Currently I have created GtkSnippets library and I have integrated this
> library with Gsc. I have developed a provider that complete words
> written in a GtkTextView, in the Snippets database and words in a file.
> Another providers like Gedit documents, shows the open documents and,
> when select, set the focus on the selected document or open the
> document selected in the Recent Documents page...
> I need some feedback about the future or roadmap of Gsc. What do you
> need about Gsc?
> Examples:
> - Multiple files completion: Complete files from multiple files
> - Devhelp completion: Search into the devhelp database and show
> completion from it.
> - Command completion: Execute a shell command and show the completion
> with the command output
> - Use ctags to complete symbols in the current TAGS file
> Other features:
> - Change the API using another programming style.
> - Use of the completion with other widgets (Not only GtkTextView) like
> scintilla or a GtkEntry etc.
> I need your ideas to go in the right way and to do some useful features
> that we can use.
> Regards,
>       Perriman
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