Re: [gedit-list] bookmarks

Steve replied:
I do not really run gnome, i use fvwm2

fvwm2, just fvwm2

 with gnome-settings-daemon on to control gtk2 stuff (which works
 Probably i can grep around and find some files to adjust?  In any
 since a default is "Desktop" (which otherwise serves no purpose for
 me), i've just stuck softlinks in there.

I've no idea. You sure can edit them with gnome-panel or nautilus, but
I don't know where it is stored. You can also just drag and drop a
folder into the left area in the open dialog.

I don't have gnome-panel or nautilus installed (by preference), this took some adjustment in /etc/init.d maybe; but anyway yes, i finally see what you mean about the open dialog and that does work.(b/t/w why would i need to "edit them" that way?)

Those buttons are not greyed when you select a directory in the right
area of the dialog. You can achieve the same effect with drag and drop

Yes. Thanks guy.

Really, you should include something in the gedit manual for people like me who like gedit but DON'T use much gnome (there could be more!)

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