Re: [gedit-list] A bug? and a minor problem

On Sun, 2008-06-08 at 12:42 +0900, James Hunt wrote:
> Hello,
> I was wondering if the fact that I can't cut and paste a piece of text
> from a gedit created file to something like Mozilla or Abiword and
> maintain the layout is a bug or not. It is a nuisance though.
> I am using a stock gedit from Debian Sarge with Mozilla and
> Abiword2.2.7 from the same distro. I do some writing in Hangeul한글
> (Korean) and it seems the tab spacings are the main problem.

This is not a bug. The tabs and spacing change because the font is
different between Gedit and the application you pasted the text into.

Gedit using monospaced fonts by default because those fonts show system
and code files consistently. Applications like Abiword use proportional
fonts that look very nice in most cases, but have irregular spacing.

Some applications permit you to format part of the text. For example,
you can select the pasted text in Abiword and change the font to the
same font used by Gedit to preserve the presentation.

> The other thing is the amount of space taken up by all the toolbars
> etc. They don't seem to have the capability of being removed as in
> Mozilla. They are obviously handy when setting up a file but then I
> find I am mostly writing or entering data and don't need them at all.
> Gnumeric is probably the worst program for this. Is there a preference
> option I haven't seen?

I turned my Gedit toolbar off but deselecting Menu > View > [ ] toolbar.

> Sorry if the above is a display of ignorance.
> You can tell what I use on my system all the time though :)
> Cheers
> James
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