Re: [gedit-list] Start with last opened files

At 21:05 +0000 12/15/08, Alexander Bienz wrote:
I would like to know if there is the functionality built in or a plugin that exists, that will open gedit with my previously opened files all ready there waiting for me to work on them.

I regularly take advantage of the tabbed files and will work with at least 3 opened at any one time, I think it would be extremely time saving if I didn't have an untitled file to close and then have to reopen my previous files each time I wanted to use gedit.

I always start up terminal when I log in. In my startup file I place lines like this:

gedit  ~/ScratchPad &
gedit  ~/Documents/whatever &

The first opens gedit with one tab. Following lines just add tabs to the current window. The ampersand starts a separate process each time and keeps the script from hanging.

Actually I put those commands in a section of the startup script, .tcshrc for me, that is only run for a login terminal session.

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