Re: [gedit-list] part of replace in all open documents

Il giorno gio, 14/09/2006 alle 18.15 +0200, Krzysiek Szczuka ha scritto:
> Hi..
> I submit a patch for gedit-window.[c,h] and gedit-app.[c,h] for
> replacement in all opened files..
> I know it's only a part of work (todo is dialog, etc.), but it's a
> good start I hope ;)

Hi Krzysiek,

	glad to see you hacking on gedit. I think this functionality would be
better implemented as a plugin. In fact it could be part of an 'advanced
searching' plugin which also allows grepping in the current dir etc.


> I'm using ubuntu Dapper, so (I'm sorry!) I didn't check this.. I just
> hope it will be usefull..
> Regards,
> Krzysiek Szczuka
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