[gedit-list] "Don't backup on non-local medias"-feature

Hi everyone.

I just wanted to contribute with an idea that I had that I think could
be quite useful for many web developers out there who uses Gedit. When
you are working directly on a non-local file (on some server) the last
think you want is a backup file to be created there (backup files of
PHP files could disclose sensitive information about a system
weaknesses or even login information to the database server).

What I would like to have (and other I think) is a checkbox in the
settings that said something "Don't backup on non-local medias". This
would let the developer to still keep the backup feature on local
medias and not having to worry about having forget to turn off the
backup feature while working towards a non-local file (on a FTP for

I'm not that great on programming but I'm a quick learner and I will
most likely take the job if none doesn't. Anyway, what I wanted to
know is if there is any interest from you in this matter?

/Tomas Gustavsson

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