Re: [gedit-list] "Don't backup on non-local medias"-feature

Il giorno mar, 12/09/2006 alle 09.32 +0200, Tomas Gustavsson ha scritto:
> Hi everyone.
> I just wanted to contribute with an idea that I had that I think could
> be quite useful for many web developers out there who uses Gedit. When
> you are working directly on a non-local file (on some server) the last
> think you want is a backup file to be created there (backup files of
> PHP files could disclose sensitive information about a system
> weaknesses or even login information to the database server).
> What I would like to have (and other I think) is a checkbox in the
> settings that said something "Don't backup on non-local medias". This
> would let the developer to still keep the backup feature on local
> medias and not having to worry about having forget to turn off the
> backup feature while working towards a non-local file (on a FTP for
> example).

Actually for technical reasons (and also for the reason you state above)
this is already the case: for remote files the file is first saved
locally in /tmp and then moved to the remote location, so there are no
backups in the remote dir.
At some point if we get to add a configurable "backups dir" option we
may also move a backup copy in that dir, but that's not the case at the


> I'm not that great on programming but I'm a quick learner and I will
> most likely take the job if none doesn't. Anyway, what I wanted to
> know is if there is any interest from you in this matter?
> /Tomas Gustavsson
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