Re: [gedit-list] Plugin to align blocks of text


On Mon, 2006-09-11 at 11:55 +0200, chuchi wrote:
> What do you want to do in the web page??

I would like to have a page similar to:

It should contains a list of avaliable plugins.
The main page could have a list of the most requested plugins most of
the informations (with most the details visible, like in and a list of last updated
ones (like the list on the left on
For each plugin there should be a page showing at least the following
information (similar to the app pages on
- name
- short/long description
- author(s)
- download link
- latest version
- home page
- screenshot (if available)
- required gedit version
- when the plugin has been updated for the last time
- license

For the moment we could put all the info in a set of XML files (one per
plugin) and generate the pages in a cron job and we could ask the plugin
authors to send us the XML file for their plugin (or we could compute
most of the info from the .gedit-plugin file).
The HTML pages could be re-generated from a cron-job (as for the entire
gedit site).

What do you think?


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