Re: [gedit-list] when printing, "" characters are added in the beginning of line

If it is possible to install by building the source I would like to
do it, however I have rpm which is libgnomeprint22-2.12.1-4.2 pn FC5
(x86_64). And I looked for libgnopmeprint sources,
and what I saw is

So I wonder if it is a problem of an old library because it is not
so old...

On 10/18/06, Paolo Borelli <pborelli katamail com> wrote:
Il giorno mar, 17/10/2006 alle 05.37 +0200, Mark Ryden ha scritto:
> Hello,
>   I have installed Fedora Core 5 / x86_64. I use gedit which comes
> with this installation.
> (gedit-2.14.0-1)
> When I try to print a document (which includes a source code in "C",
> copied and pasted from another gedit buffer),
> there are quotes  character (")  added in the beginning of line (one
> or more such characters," ). It seems to me that these " cahracters
> are inserted somehow instead of tabs.
> I did not have this problem with Fedora Core 4.
> This happens when syntax highlighting isn't turned on.
> Any ideas?

I think this is a bug in libgnomeprint, which at some point had issues
printing the 'tab' character. I think it's fixed in newer versions of
that lib, but I am not sure if/where they are available in FC.


> Regards,
> MR
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