Re: [gedit-list] gedit with xming?

Il giorno gio, 02/11/2006 alle 17.52 +1030, Zenobius Jiricek ha scritto:
> Hi guys, im runnign a web development your editor to bits.


> I did how ever come across nedit, which propses its implementation on
> windows via something called xming.
> apparently its a x server for windows, my question is can i run gedit in
> this enviroment? or would i need to bring in gtk somehow?

I know that people managed to run gedit inside Cygwin. I never heard of
Xming before, but if you manage to get it to run there we would be happy
to know the details :)

Also the door is always open to anyone who wants to help with a native
win32 port, though it isn't a trivial task.


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