Re: [gedit-list] a question about gedit/gtksourceview

Hello Paolo,

On Wed, 2004-01-14 at 14:49, Paolo Maggi wrote:
> If your lua.lang file is good enough please attack it to a bugzilla
> report. We will add it to gtksourceview package.
> (The same for you Pablo with your still to be GNU Octave .lang file)

I've created a new bug and attached it to that, as I couldn't find any
other Lua-highlighting related report.

> You need to register a mime-type for Lua.
> You could send a patch for gnome-mime-data.

Ok, that worked, thanks a lot! I've made a patch for gnome-vfs.mime and
created a bug with the patch attached for gnome-mime-data.


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