Re: [gedit-list] a question about gedit/gtksourceview

Hello Pablo,

GtkSourceView is a seperate package which stores its languages specs in:


You can just copy and modify one of the existing lang files. There is no
need to recompile anything, I think restarting gEdit will be enough to
have it appear in the highlighting submenu.

I've added syntax highlighting for Lua this way. What I haven't been
able to figure out it how to enable automatic selection of the Lua
highlighting mode for the .lua extension. If somebody knows how to do
this, I'm all ear.


On Wed, 2004-01-14 at 01:35, Pablo De Nápoli wrote:
> I would like to ask you a question, Is is it possible to add support for 
> syntax highlighting in a new language? Do I need to recompile gedit for that?
> (I'm planning to add support for GNU Octave)
> Reading the sources it seems from gedit-languages-manager.c that the list
> of languages in Vie/Highlight mode is generated on the flight
> However, I don't understand how this works. how does gtk_source_view knows
> where to search for the .lang files?
> Thank you
> Pablo De Nápoli

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