Re: [gedit-list] Re: Broken Link on main page of

Hi Steve,

Certainly, nothing could be easier!

Thank you very much.

I talked with James months ago and understood there were some new
designs/graphics in the works, too. Is this still true?
hmm... dunno, but I think to remember that you told me you were interested in designing a new logo. Am I right?

That ancient site is so stale, I'm embarrassed to claim authorship. Are there plans
to visually refresh it a bit in addition to modifying the content?

I like the current site graphics, but if someone takes this task we could refresh it. I cannot help here since I have never designed a web site in my life and know only a bit about HTML & co.
But I'd be very happy to see a new gedit web site.
Also about contents, I think I'm not the right person not being a native english person.
But if nobody wants to write them, I can give a look at them.


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