Re: [gedit-list] Re: Broken Link on main page of

On Fri, 23 Aug 2002 18:20:56 +0200 Paolo Maggi
<maggi athena polito it> wrote:
> > I talked with James months ago and understood there were some new
> > designs/graphics in the works, too. Is this still true? 
> hmm... dunno, but I think to remember that you told me you were
> interested in designing a new logo. Am I right?

Yes, and I've seen a few offerings previously that might also be
incorporated. According to GNOME guidelines we need to lose the text,
and it would probably help to make it more iconic. So there would
actually be a logo AND an icon.

> I like the current site graphics, but if someone takes this task we
> could refresh it.

I can help out if there are no current efforts. Probably would be nice
retain some continuity of the original character but spin it in a new

Steve Hall  [ digitect mindspring com ]

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