Re: [Geary] Connection issues (IPv6 and DNS servers) and Geary sync speed

Il giorno gio 12 set 2019 alle 21:51, Michael Gratton <mike vee net> ha scritto:
One issue that it's still present: sometimes a new conversation with more than one message fails to load the second and following messages. The sync keeps running forever until I close Geary and restart it. This is annoying since I also lose some (not all) of previous delete/archive actions, which I have to repeat.

This has been an ongoing issue with 0.13 and 3.32. I think you're thinking about issue #212[1]? This cycle saw a fair bit of work in addressing the underlying problem, and I think it might now be fixed, so let me know how it goes with 3.34.


[0] - <>
[1] - <>

Hi Mike

I've now installed Geary flatpak from GNOME nightly and I confirm that the problem is solved.

I'm pretty sure, since I've not read emails for a week and I had two hundreds of messages to be read. When I first run Geary 3.32, the bug appeared after a few minutes of reading; when I installed the nightly version I could read all emails without any problem.

This was the most annoying issue since a few months, thanks a lot for fixing it!


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