[Geary] Connection issues (IPv6 and DNS servers) and Geary sync speed

Hi all

I've recently noticed a flaky connection while using a streaming service. I could not find any useful information in the logs, but I saw some reports about IPv6 issues with some routers so I decided to disable it. I've also added more than one DNS servers, to be safe.

Since then I've never had any issue with the streaming service.
And Geary sync seems to be faster and reliable than before, both on my laptop and desktop installations (which have different network setups).

In case anybody here is unsatisfied with Geary syncing speed, you might want to try changing these connection settings and see if it's going better.

One issue that it's still present: sometimes a new conversation with more than one message fails to load the second and following messages. The sync keeps running forever until I close Geary and restart it. This is annoying since I also lose some (not all) of previous delete/archive actions, which I have to repeat.

This has been reported before, but I can't find the issues. This may be related?

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