[Geary] Geary releases going forward

Hi all,

I just wanted to provide a head-up about my plans for Geary's releases going forward. There will be a 0.13.2 release sometime this week, to resolve some problems with local and GOA account passwords going missing, and a few other bug fixes.

This will be followed mid/late next month with new major release, that updates Geary's UI to match the style GNOME 3.32 will be launching with (i.e. an updated icon and the app menu moved into the window). This new release will be numbered a 3.32, and following that, I'd like to start following the GNOME release numbering and schedule. This means using odd minor numbers (e.g. 3.33) for beta releases and even minor numbers (e.g. 3.34) for stable releases, every six months.

Also note that per [0], I'm going to deprecate the official Geary Team PPA. If any more updates to the 0.13.x are needed, I'll still release them there. However starting with 3.32 people on Ubuntu will getting new releases either via their distro or via Flathub, like everyone else.


[0] - <https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/geary/issues/270>

⊨ Michael Gratton, Percept Wrangler.
⚙ <http://mjog.vee.net/>

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