Re: [Geary] Shortcuts suggestions

Il giorno mer 17 dic 2014 alle 16:17, Pétur <peturvilj gmail com> ha scritto:
Here are some shortcuts suggestions which I believe are needed to transform Geary in a keyboard compatible email client.

1 - add a shortcut to move inside the three panels folders/threads/Emails : <tab> should alternate between the folders list, the threads list and the Emails list. <up> and <down> arrow in email view (right panel) should develop and reduce emails.
-> Today <tab> works sometimes to go from the left panel (folders) to the middle panel (threads) but not in the other way and not to the right panel.

2. add a shortcut to go to the next unread message (cross folders) : I suggest <N>

There are several issues related to unread messages:

3. add a shortcut to move email from one folder to other one : I suggest something close to the thunderbird extension "nostalgy" : <m> (for move) then write the name of the folder (with the help of autocompletion.

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