Re: [Geary] IMAP / gmail performance?

Hi Michael, all;

Am Mittwoch, den 14.09.2016, 21:52 +1000 schrieb Michael Gratton:
There's a number of command line debug options that might yield some 
insight - run "geary -h" to get the full list. Failing that, running 
Geary in GDB and interrupting it when it is running slow, then
seeing what the various threads are up to might suggest something.

Ok - I'll have a look at this then and see how far it gets me.

It would be good to try to work out if it is caused by some 
server/network interaction or slow database queries (Geary uses a 
per-account SQLite embedded DB for storing messages locally). 

Sounds reasonable: So far I see there are roughly 20k of mail messages
in each of these accounts. It seems that yesterday after first start
(and running on my desktop while I was in a meeting), geary downloaded
something like 16GB of mail data to my drive, even with geary set to
download just the last two weeks of mail traffic. Maybe it's just an
issue of overall amount of data after all...

Also, could you provide some details about your system (distro & 
version, DE/WM and version, if it has a disc or solid state drive) 
might help.

Yes of course: I'm on antergos / arch linux, x86_64, up-to-date,
running recent GNOME and what seems to be latest version of geary
available here (0.11.2). This runs atop an HP laptop, i7 CPUs, with an
SSD drive.

The issue you provided *sounds* familiar except for that exactly this
behaviour outlined in there happens periodically on my device.

Thanks by now, I'll see whether I can provide more info; maybe someone
else knows this problem too. :)
Best regards,

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