Re: [Geary] IMAP / gmail performance?

Hey Kristian,

On Wed, Sep 14, 2016 at 5:27 PM, Kristian Rink <kawazu428 gmail com> wrote:
I'm looking into geary because I like its UI and usability but
unfortunately I can't really use it at all right now as, having
configured two mail accounts (local corporate IMAP, personal GMail) the
app is effectively not usable, repeatedly locks up for minutes between
actually switching folders, ... . Is there any way to optimize or at
least debug what happens here?

There's a number of command line debug options that might yield some insight - run "geary -h" to get the full list. Failing that, running Geary in GDB and interrupting it when it is running slow, then seeing what the various threads are up to might suggest something.

It would be good to try to work out if it is caused by some server/network interaction or slow database queries (Geary uses a per-account SQLite embedded DB for storing messages locally). Depending on which version you are running it could also possibly be something like this: <>

Also, could you provide some details about your system (distro & version, DE/WM and version, if it has a disc or solid state drive) might help.


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