Re: [Geary] follow-up to bug 747627: cannot save new message

Hey Federico,

Thanks for a copy of the log file.

On Tue, Nov 22, 2016 at 11:39 PM, Federico Bruni <fede inventati org> wrote:
I prefer sending a private email with the log output. I'm afraid that redacting it too much would obfuscate the information.

I have the feeling the problem is here:

[msg] 13:22:11 0,000013 geary-controller.vala:2338: Could not open draft manager: Other:fede sixbarsjail it DraftManager: Drafts folder Other:fede sixbarsjail it:Drafts (open_count=0 remote_opened=false) does not return created mail ID

Yeah, that's symptomatic of the issue. Looking at the log for your two accounts, the server for the first one supports the IMAP UIDPLUS extension, which Geary currently requires so it knows what the id of a newly created draft is, and hence can delete it again when updating the saved draft or sending the draft message. However the server for the second account, the webfaction account that Geary can't save drafts to, doesn't support UIDPLUS and hence you get that error message.

In this situation, Geary should probably indicate somehow that saving drafts is not possible for account, and not offer to save drafts. If you file a new bug for that I'll look into a fix.

A proper fix however would be to have some kind of fallback so that servers that do not support UIDPLUS can still be used to save drafts. I have a feeling that the way to do that is implement local draft folders, i.e. Bug 713581.

One last thing, in[0] you mentioned you were getting a "No drafts folder found" error, did you do anything to fix that, or did it just go away?


[0] -  <>

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