Re: [Geary] Geary maintainership

It seems that email client we all know and love needs some 
maintainership. We probably all know about the Pantheon Mail fork, and 
while I respect the work done by the Elementary and Pantheon 
developers, I still prefer the GNOME desktop and apps that conform to 
the GNOME HIG. Hence I'm interested in keeping Geary alive

Me too.

So I'm writing to see if there is (anyone else) out there interested in
picking up maintainership. Since I have done a small amount of geary 
hacking, I'm happy to volunteer, but I am still something of a vala 
novice and will be pretty time-pressed until I submit my phd thesis 
later this year. So I'd mostly be limited to just wrangling bugzilla 
patches from contributors and doing releases for a while.

I'd also be happy if there were one or more co-maintainers, if anyone 
else was interested.

I could volunteer UX / UI work, but unfortunately won't have time to pick up Vala for a while.

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