Re: [Geary] Sending mail from Alias identities

Il giorno mar 14 giu 2016 alle 3:24, grgwmsm unseen is ha scritto:
I'm taking a serious look at Geary. I like the UI design a lot. But it appears to lack something I MUST have: the ability to send emails from an Alias identity.

Geary supports this.
Just add an alias in the preferences and you'll see it in the dropdown menu of From field. The nice thing is that when someone replies to an email sent from your alias and you reply back, the From field will then be automatically set to the alias address.

Thunderbird has a "Manage Identities" settings page. Here I can set an alias as the out going email. Does Geary have such an ability? How do I set this up?

In the account settings.
I see that it's not documented in the help manual. Perhaps it should be added?

Also, Is there any way to create a "local" folder to which I can drag emails to? Thunderbird allows local folder creation.

What do you need it for? For a backup maybe? (you don't need a local folder to browse emails offline, I think, at least for the emails synced).

I don't think that it's possible, see: (Local backup of mail)

Related issues: (Database backup and recovery) (Local drafts folder)

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