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Hi guys,

I'm following with this unsourced comment which has been removed from
Wikipedia, because not hosted on a third party website.

In my article, I initially supposed the name Geary came from the street
where Yorba was located in. According to the following comment from a
former Yorba employee, this isn't the case.

"On the name "Geary"

The current version of the page contains a speculation: "The initial
name probably came from the name of the street (Geary Street), Yorba
Foundation was located in."

While that's an interesting theory, I can confirm as a former Yorba
employee that it's not the case and is actually a coincidence. When we
released the first beta of Geary in May 2012, Yorba was located on Capp
Street. That said, I don't believe we ever offered an official story on
why we chose the name Geary (aside from the fact that all our software
was named after streets in San Francisco) so I'm not sure I can provide
a verifiable citation to contradict the current one.

MrEricSir (talk) 20:37, 16 May 2016 (UTC)"

Taken from here [1].

Feel free to comment, add details if you want and I'll correct the
article accordingly. I'm subscribed to this list, don't need to cc me.



William Gathoye
<william gathoye be>

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