Re: [Geary] supplementary email address as default


Le lun 16 nov 2015 à 15:48, Ralph Plawetzki <ralph plawetzki net> a écrit :
Am 14.11.2015 um 12:35 schrieb Federico Bruni:

 I've been asking myself the same question in the last months.

This list seems to be abandoned since June. Same with the bug reports
for geary with a few exceptions where Jim fixed some bugs since June.

I saw on the yorba website, that yorba "was active until early 2015".
Perhaps this changed things for Jim Nelson and the others at yorba.

I haven't any contact with the Yorba team, but I've found on their website github repository this commit:

"Yorba is no longer active " by Adam Dingle committed 28 days ago

So it seems this Yorba state is official since arround October 2015.

Does the Gnome community know the situation or should we advertise someone (and who?) ? Indeed, Yorba was not only working on Geary, but also on California (a calendar software) and on Shotwell (a photo manager).

I've heard that the elementary OS community is working on a fork of Shotwell and, now, on Geary (refering to ). Maybe we could discuss with them ?

Nevertheless, I think Geary is a good mail client (thanks to Yorba!) and it will be great if its development can go on.

See you,

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