Re: [Geary] supplementary email address as default

Am 14.11.2015 um 12:35 schrieb Federico Bruni:

I've been asking myself the same question in the last months.

This list seems to be abandoned since June. Same with the bug reports
for geary with a few exceptions where Jim fixed some bugs since June.

I saw on the yorba website, that yorba "was active until early 2015".
Perhaps this changed things for Jim Nelson and the others at yorba.

The GNOME project is driven by volunteers, I know that. Nevertheless I
wonder what happens in cases like this, where the original and very
enthusiastic "crew" seems to lack the time to push things further.

Yes, willing contributors can provide patches or comment on bug reports
or write to this list. But this has no effect without someone who is
empowered to e.g. accept patches and commit them.

Granting such rights belongs to the GNOME project. So, from my point of
view, this goes together with the responsibility to decide in such cases
how things should go on.

I must admit, that I do not know, if the GNOME project has processes for
this or how this was handled with other applications in the past.

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