[Geary] Geary Crashing

Hey all,

I just encountered an interesting crashing issue with Geary. I recieved an email on one of my accounts and every time I view then email then attempt to do any of the following (Archive, Delete, or Navigate away from the email), Geary crashes. I can recreate the issue every single time I attempt to do one of the previously mentioned activities. It might also be worth noting that the email happens to be spam that Gmail did not filter out.

I ran Geary from the terminal, and when it crashed, it returned this on the command line.

"fish: Job 1, “geary” terminated by signal SIGSEGV (Address boundary error)"

How could I go about generating more debugging information to submit in a bug report?


-- Marc Thomas mthx.org | Github: mthxx | @mthx_

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