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Ok, when I get some time I'll have a look at just reading the html and includingit in the html part of the email message.

As for how it work, right now in the accoutn options you have the little signature editor for the plain text signatures. How about a button with some tags on or "HTML Signature" under the current plain text input that when pressed either widens that options panel to show a simple HTML composer UI with the simpleformatting options you have in sending an email already plus an insert image button. That should cover 99% of needs.

Then if the html signature file (like .signature.html) could be created/edited as the .signature file can currently then more advanced or hand coded html could be used too. Which covers the remaining 1%.

If an html signature is present use that in the html side of the message, if a plain text version is supplied use that on the plain text side of the message. If plain but no html use the plain on both etc.

Could even have a little over the current plain text input which is greyed out until activated with a plain/html toggle top right or something...



Il giorno gio 23 ott 2014 alle 20:21, Jim Nelson <jim yorba org> ha scritto:
How complicated would it be for me to compile a version for myself where the html in my .signature file gets treated as html in the email? or maybe where I have a .signature.html file to use on the html side of a multipart message?

I mean, reading from the .signature file and inserting it into the email isn't difficult.  What becomes problematic is if you want one signature for the HTML version of the email and another for the plain text version of the email.

Robert Schroll has more hands-on experience with the composer than I have, so maybe he has some thoughts on this.

-- Jim

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