[Geary] Weird problem in Geary (0.8.x) on Ubuntu Utopic


Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/UYEen2S.png

1. As shown in the screenshot, background of account editor is black (Using Numix gtk theme, also reproducable with Ambiance) & the font are not properly visible.

 This looks like a theme issue to me. What gtk-widget account editor is using? May be it can be fixed by setting widget background color to "@theme_bg_color".

2. As shown in the screenshot, it is extended vetically beyond screen edges & I can not vertically resize it with mouse ( As a result, I can not save any changes as "save" button is not visible.

However when I want to create new account & choose "other" from list, it appears just fine (screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/DizGJCg.png)

The problem seems to appear only when I want to edit it. And this happens not only for Unity but also for other desktop session like gnome-flashback (metacity) which does not use compiz.


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