Re: [Geary] html signatures

Hi Jim,

Ok, glad it's not just me being daft.

How complicated would it be for me to compile a version for myself where the html in my .signature file gets treated as html in the email? or maybe where I have a .signature.html file to use on the html side of a multipart message?

Do I need to be proficient with Vala? Might be an interesting toe-dipping excercise :)

It's the one thing that's stopping me switching to geary, which I must say so far (even at 0.8) is looking fantastic, with davmail working it means I can have everything in one place (finally) again. The other options in linux are just way too clunky. So thanks for a great product, I tried it before 0.4 I think and the potential was there already, now it feels loads better though and when I read signature support on the release notes I rushed right in...



On 20 October 2014 22:00, Jim Nelson <jim yorba org> wrote:
Geary currently doesn't support HTML-specific signatures.  Currently the signature you set in the Accounts dialog is treated as plain text and HTMLized in the HTML portion of outgoing emails.

I've ticketed HTML signatures at

-- Jim

On Mon, Oct 20, 2014 at 2:54 AM, Tom Rhodes <tom rhodes gmail com> wrote:

I've just got 0.8.0 running with DavMail and the only thing that is stopping me switching to geary in order to unify my different email accounts in one very pretty place, is a lack of html signatures for one of my work accounts which i just cannot use without the html signature.

I've tried using the signature editor and putting a .signature file in the home directory and in both cases all html tags are displayed as text rather than rendered as html.

Is this a planned feature? Is their a workaround to force the text to be rendered as html? Am I missing something and being stupid?

Thanks for any advice,


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