Re: [Geary] default tools and workflow for contributors

Hi there,

I'm interested in contribute with geary, i'm making my environment in a
chroot (Debian Jessie), but has some problems with the gtk dependencies.
So, would be interesting make a 'how to' for new contributors?

I will use vim, some about vala with VIM in [1].



On 19-11-2014 08:24, Simon Bernard wrote:'
Thx all, I should have guessed you use valencia :).
I'm on debian unstable (gnome 3.14) and I "try to try" valencia :p.
But I see valencia does not support gedit 3.12 and later.
I found the patch[1] for gedit 3.12, but there is API break in gedit
3.14 too.[2]
The Gedit.Encoding problem seems really easy to fix, as we just need
to pass null to window.create_tab_from_location
But for the new save api of GtkSourceView[3], not so easy !


Le 18/11/2014 21:29, Robert Schroll a écrit :
FWIW, I'll typically have Gedit with Valencia, Gitg, and a few
terminals open when I'm working on Geary.  I may use Glade to examine
a UI file, but I tend to make fixes to those in a text editor, to
avoid the revision noise the Glade produces.  I build directly on my
laptop with "./configure; make".

I always run Geary from the terminal with the -d -i flags.  The
former spits out a lot of debug information that can be helpful when
you notice something has gone wrong.  The latter enables the WebKit
inspector for the conversation view, which is very useful for debugging.

I'll use gdb or GtkParasite when warranted.  Since I can never
remember how to invoke these, I have short shell scripts to do it for

----- geary-gdb -----
G_DEBUG=fatal-warnings gdb --args geary -d
--- gearyparasite ---
GTK_MODULES=gtkparasite ./geary $@


On Tue, Nov 18, 2014 at 9:28 AM, Simon Bernard
<contact simonbernard eu> wrote:
Hi guys,
  I would like to know which tools did you use to develop Geary (and
more generaly yorba software) ?
  I mean gedit(valencia), anjuta, val(a)Ide, gdb ?  Did you develop
in a VM ? or/and with jhbuild ?
  It could be nice to have a guideline page for new contributors
with default tools and workflow.
  (I found nothing about that in contributors guide)

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