Re: [Geary] release date of 0.6

On Mon, Mar 24, 2014 at 5:47 AM, fede inventati org wrote:
Hi Jim any idea about the release date of 0.6.x? The translation of the main it.po file has gone through the review process and should be uploaded soon. The translation of the help pages is still waiting for review. Let me know when you are about to make the release and I'll push the italian gnome team to upload the file(s).

No plan for a dot release at this time.  We have one bug ( that's heinous enough to consider dropping a dot release, but we're not rushing to get it out, as we'd like to get it right first.

Let me say this: if they haven't approved your help file translations by Thursday or Friday, I'd say ping them and give them a nudge.

-- Jim

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