Re: [Geary] feedback on help pages

Il 19.03.2014 15:49 fede inventati org ha scritto:
Also, I cannot reproduce what is described here: To permanently
delete the conversations, hold down <key>Shift</key> and press the
<gui>Delete</gui> button that appears in place of the
<gui>Trash</gui> button. If I hold Shift the button doesn't change
(tested also on english locale).

Certain folders don't support the delete operation. What type of
folder (and what kind of account) were you in when you were trying

This also could be clarified.

Actually, this is a bug that I can reproduce only on my desktop
computer at work, while on my laptop is working as described in the
help pages.
I'm using a dovecot account and regular folders (where the switch
should be enabled).

Sorry guys, I'm still recovering from a virus and my mind is not clear yet :( In fact the accounts are different on the two computers: the switch works on a dovecot account, it doesn't work on a gmail account.

So the hard delete in Gmail is possible only by right-clicking the conversation?

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